sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Life was so easy man.

 Life was beautiful. Are aged over time and not before time.
Fell asleep and had a good time ..

There was no running after the hands of a sphere either, let alone jump at any time by the sound of a siren.
He was about time to enjoy everything:  

there was no hurry

Life was there, rich and generous.
We had a philosophy that allowed to behave in this way. One member of a community knew that should never end ...

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Have it

Have it

Do yo need a superman ?

Do yo need a superman ?

Making Love, not thinkin' 'bout tomorrow.. ALL SUMMER LONG

- Well, goodbye. You were very kind with me. Now I'll take a hot bath. Ah ... I forgot to tell you that ...
- Say it.
- ... I have some desire to make you love, you can not even imagine. But this does not tell anyone. Especially you. Should torture me to force me to say.
- To say what?
- May I make love to you ? Not just once ,but hundreds of times. But I will not tell you ever. Only if I go crazy I would say you I will make love to you, here in front of your home, IN EVERYLIFE.

Hey ! I am your fucking clock

I am the rhythm of the sound , I am the rhythm of the night.


Oh life